What i learned

by Hudsongrl

I had cataract surgery on my rt. Eye 10 days ago.My vision pre op was 20/30 with 20/20 in my left eye so I was functioning well. The surgeon said the cataract was dense and needed to come out now, so I went ahead with the surgery. Immediately afterwards I was in a complete fog...could not even see my hand in front of my face. At my 1 day check up, I was told I had corneal swelling that would clear. It took 3-4 days before clearing occurred and vision still wasn’t sharp. I was terrified. I just went for recheck yesterday. I could read 20/25 but it is not crisp. Vision starts out pretty good each morning and then deteriorates as day goes on. I cannot rely on this eye. Personally, i think it is partly dry eye from the surgery and am planning on getting punctal plugs and am using lots of preservative free drops. Really hoping in time this problem resolves. They are pushing me to do the left eye now. Um no. I see 20/20 out of it and I am totally relying my non surgical eye to drive,, watch tv etc. I also believe the post cataract eye drops cause blurriness. I feel like once I am off those, things might improve. It is a real shame doctors do not tell patients not everyone comes out with clear vision after cataract surgery. I am really disappointed in my result.

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