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Lectures and Presentations

  • World Glaucoma Congress
  • Asia Pacific Glaucoma Congress
  • RANZCO Victorian Branch Meeting
  • Malaysian Conjoint Universities Ophthalmology Postgraduate Exam
  • Australian College of Optometry National Congress
  • Southern Regional Congress
  • Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital Eye and ENT Emergency Seminar

Awards and Grants

  • Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital Small Research Grant
  • Save Sight Society & RANZCO Research Grant
  • Johnson & Johnson Medical / Surgical Research Trust Scholarship
  • Cheltenham Ophthalmology Scholarship Award
  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists Ethicon Foundation Fund
  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Myre Sim Fund
  • WH Ross Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness Research Grant
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Research Support Grant
  • Scottish Ophthalmological Club Presentation Prize
  • NHS Highland Research & Development Endowment Fund
  • Duke Elder Undergraduate Ophthalmology Prize Commendation
  • British Scholarship Scheme Award
  • University of Edinburgh Elective Bursary
  • Junior MacKenzie Bursary in Anatomy

Selected publications: Glaucoma surgery

  • Outcomes of XEN45 gel stent using posterior small incision sub-tenon ab interno insertion (Semi-open) technique. Eye 2021; Online ahead of print.
    Kong YXG, Chung IY, Ang GS
  • Medium term outcomes of unsutured scleral flap trabeculectomies. J Glaucoma 2016; 25(8): 704-708
    Wang BZ, Ang GS, Meagher P
  • Wound healing modulation in glaucoma filtration surgery – conventional practices and new perspectives: antivascular endothelial growth factor and novel agents. J Curr Glaucoma Pract 2014; 8(2): 37-45
    Fan Gaskin J, Nguyen DQ, Ang GS, et al
  • Comparison of standard trabeculectomy versus microtrabeculectomy as a surgical treatment for glaucoma – a randomized clinical trial. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2012; 39(7): 648-57
    Ang GS, Chan KCY, Poostchi A, Nicholas S, Birchall W, et al
  • A prospective study of surgical outcomes and bleb morphology using indocyanine green as a surgical dye in trabeculectomy with mitomycin-C. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2012; 40(4): e143-e148
    Chan KCY, Ang GS, Birchall W, Wong T, Wakely L, et al
  • Postoperative infection in penetrating versus non-penetrating glaucoma surgery. Br J Ophthalmol 2010; 94(12): 1571-1576
    Ang GS, Varga Z, Shaarawy T

Selected publications: Cataract surgery

  • Endophthalmitis or toxic anterior segment syndrome? Clin Experiment Optometry 2017; 100(1): 94-95
    Lee MH, Cugley D, Atik A, Ang GS
  • Ultrasound biomicroscopic study of the stability of intraocular lens implants after phacoemulsification cataract surgery. Acta Ophthalmologica 2012; 90(2): 168-172
    Ang GS,Duncan L, Atta HR
  • Manual small incision cataract sugery in a United Kingdom university teaching hospital setting. Int Ophthalmol 2010; 30(1): 23-29
    Ang GS, Wheelan S, Green FD
  • Face to face’ positioning for phacoemulsification in patients unable to lie flat for cataract surgery. Am J Ophthalmol 2006; 141(6): 1151-1152
    Ang GS, Ong JM, Eke T
  • Prophylaxis against postoperative infective endophthalmitis in cataract surgery: a survey of routine practice. Eur J Ophthalmol 2006; 16(3): 394-400
    Ang GS, Barras CW
  • Effect and outcomes of posterior capsule rupture in a district general hospital setting. J Cataract Refract Surg 2006; 32(4): 623-627
    Ang GS, Whyte IF

Selected publications: Glaucoma laser treatments

  • Selective laser trabeculoplasty versus topical medication as initial glaucoma treatment: the glaucoma initial treatment study randomised clinical trial. Br J Ophthalmol 2020; 104(6): 813-821
    Ang GS, Fenwick EK, Constantinou M, Gan ATL, Man REK,
    et al
  • Spectral domain optical coherence tomography evidence on the mechanism of diode laser peripheral iridoplasty. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2015; 43(5): 474-476
    Leong JCY, Stevenson C, Ang GS, Wells AP
  • Repeatability of primary selective laser trabeculoplasty in patients with primary open angle glaucoma. Int Ophthalmol 2013; 33(5): 501-506
    Avery N, Ang GS, Wells AP
  • Laser iridoplasty for chronic angle closure glaucoma. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2012; (2):CD006746
    Ng WS, Ang GS, Azuara-Blanco A
  • Factors influencing laser peripheral iridotomy outcomes in White eyes – an anterior segment optical coherence tomography study. J Glaucoma 2011; 20(9): 577-583
    Ang GS, Wells AP

Selected publications: Intraocular pressure

  • Issues with intraocular pressure measurement in post-LASIK corneal interface fluid syndrome: case and review. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2015; 43(7): 688-689
    Kong GYX, Fan Gaskin JC, Ang GS
  • The effect of thin, thick, and normal corneas on Goldmann intraocular pressure measurements and correction formulae in individual eyes. Ophthalmology 2012; 119(3): 443-449
    Park SJK, Ang GS, Nicholas S, Wells AP
  • Poor utility of intraocular pressure correction formulae in individual glaucoma and glaucoma suspect patients. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2011; 39(2): 111-118
    Ang GS, Nicholas S, Wells AP
  • The effect of travoprost on daytime intraocular pressure in normal tension glaucoma: a randomised controlled trial. Br J Ophthalmol 2008; 92(8): 1129-1133
    Ang GS, Kersey JP, Shepstone L, Broadway DC
  • Corneal biomechanical properties in primary open angle glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma. J Glaucoma 2008; 17(4): 259-262
    Ang GS, Bochmann F, Azuara-Blanco A

Selected publications: Epidemiology

  • Prevalence of glaucoma in the Australian National Eye Health Survey. Br J Ophthalmol 2019; 103(2): 191-195
    Keel S, Xie J, Foreman J, Lee PY, Alwan M, Fahy ET, van Wijngaarden P, Fan Gaskin JC, Ang GS, et al
  • The prevalence and causes of unilateral vision impairment and blindness in Australia: The National Eye Health Survey. JAMA Ophthalmology 2018; 136(3): 240-248
    Foreman J, Xie J, Keel S, Ang GS, et al
  • Pupil ruff atrophy (PRA) correlations with intraocular pressure and cup-to-disc ratio in a glaucoma clinic population. Ophthalmology 2012; 119(8): 1546-1551
    Ang GS, Wong T, Nicholas S, Wells AP
  • Lifetime visual prognosis of patients with glaucoma. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2011; 39(8): 766-770
    Goh YW, Ang GS, Azuara-Blanco A
  • The influence of the new General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contract in optometrist referrals for glaucoma in Scotland. Eye 2009; 23(2): 351-355
    Ang GS, Ng WS, Azuara-Blanco A
  • Primary angle closure closure glaucoma: a descriptive study in a Caucasian population. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2008; 36(9): 847-851
    Ng WS, Ang GS, Azuara-Blanco A
  • Lifetime visual prognosis for patients with primary open angle glaucoma. Eye 2007; 21(5): 604-608
    Ang GS, Eke T

Selected publications: Visual fields and perimetry

  • Qualitative evaluation of the 10-2 and 24-2 visual field tests for detecting central visual field abnormalities in glaucoma. Am J Ophthalmol 2021; 229(2): 26-33
    Orbach A, Ang GS, Kamp AS, et al
  • Test-retest variability of fundus-tracked perimetry at the peripapillary region in open angle glaucoma fundus-tracked perimetry – variability in glaucoma. Invest Ophthalmol Visc Sci 2016; 57(8):3619-3625
    Wu ZC, McKendrick AM, Hadoux X, Fan Gaskin JC, Ang GS, et al
  • Perimetric progression in open angle glaucoma and the Visual Field Index (VFI). J Glaucoma 2011; 20(4): 223-227
    Ang GS, Mustafa M, Scott N, Diaz-Aleman VT, Azuara-Blanco A
  • Effect of cataract extraction on the Glaucoma Progression Index (GPI) in glaucoma patients. J Glaucoma 2010: 19(4): 275-278
    Ang GS, Shunmugam M, Azuara-Blanco A

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