The Medical Profession

by An Unhappy Customer
(Huntsville, AL)

When I made the appointment, I told the girl I wanted this done with drops only to numb my eye and thought she would have made a note about that. When I kept the appointment, I was confronted with an indifferent receptionist who said if I didn't sign papers stating that this had been discussed and that consent..., that I wouldn't see the doctor. After traveling over 200+ miles (400+ round trip) I signed and can truly say I did not know for what I was signing. To make sure I had drops only, I made a note 'topical drops only,' told the doctor twice. Regardless, I found out what an eyeblock is. I was not happy.

When I returned to have the other eye done (and this was the first place that ever told me I had a cataract on the other eye), I made a note 'drops only to numb eye' on the paper I signed, again making it part of the contract. I talked to the doctor and told him I wanted drops only.
Not only did I get another eyeblock, I could tell the person was inexperienced. This has disfigured one side of my face, yet the C.R.N.A claimed it was she who rammed the needle into me, that it was discussed and that I gave consent. NOT TRUE!

I was treated like a child (given an ultimatum sign or I wouldn't see the doctor, like an animal pushed into a cattle chute, like a package on a conveyor belt, then like a caged animal when the rail was put up on the bed so I couldn't get off the table to leave.

Both experiences were very frightening and I'm so sorry I ever trusted that doctor and his team. All this has had a terrible effect on my health.

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