Seems like something is in my eye

by Rebecca Brown
(Raleigh NC)

I had surgery on 11/2/2020 only on my left eye. Toric lens was used since I have an astigmatism. I had a horrible reaction to the eye drops as apparently I have dry eye syndrome which was exacerbated by the preservatives in the three eye drops. Doctor reduced all drops except the steroid and that from TID to BID (11/9). It still stung terribly to use the drops so I used OTC preservative tears practically every 15 minutes! I kept feeling like something was in my eye very similar to a fiber of a hair. Oddly, I would wake feeling ok, thinking whatever it was had worked it's way out. However, within a couple of hours I could feel it in some part of my eye but not always in the same location. I say my doctor but he could not find anything. It has now been 9 weeks, and I still feel have this issue which is only temporarily with eye drops. It's so frustrating! Any ideas?

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Jan 07, 2021
Terrible Surgery Results
by: Anonymous

I hate to be a bearer of any bad news, but I have had that feeling in my right eight for more than six years with no relief. I have seen no fewer than 15 eye doctors of all sorts, who can do nothing for me except to prescribe eye drops (everything from Restasis to Xiidra), which don't work at all and have cost my hundreds of dollars since insurance won't cover those prescriptions. My eyes are so bad that I have double vision, can't drive and night, and at times have difficulty seeing in the daytime. Just terrible.
I would never have had the surgery if I had known that this sort of result could occur. It's always deemed so safe, even though you sign your rights away beforehand. I have not had my left eye done and am extremely hesitant to do so. Good luck.

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