Retinal reattachment surgery I had

by Subramaniam
(Chennaities,Tamil Nadia,India)

I badly delayed my cataract surgery even though they were fully mature and I could not see with my left eye. And finally when I decided to go in for a cataract surgery, I had to undergo an emergency surgery for left side inguinal hernia. So after a year I had the cataract removal in my left eye by phacoemulsification. Ever since I had the cataract surgery I was applying eye drops for one or other reason, then I developed PCO (posterior capsular opacification) and it was corrected by laser. Even after this my vision in the left eye did not improve. So the ophthalmologist conducted an OCT test and diagnosed cystoid macular edema. He prescribed Predforte (steroid drops) to cure the malady. It has to be tapered from eight times to once over two months; duration. But due to my negligence I continued the drops two times for one more week. So my intraocular eye pressure shot up to 27. So to reduce the pressure I had to apply another eye drop glocomol two times daily. My cataract surgery was done in Jan 2015 and this continued till May 2017. On one evening in May 2017 I experienced floaters and flashes. This is the first time in my life I experienced the flashes. It was like some light emanating in my eye. I consulted my ophthalmologist and asked him whether it could be detachment of retina. He examined my eye after dilating and assured me that 98% it is not detachment. But the symptoms continued and after 10 days my vision became dim and I felt like a curtain in my vision. When I again went to him for examination he confirmed that I had a partial retinal detachment and asked me to go in for a reattachment surgery at a renowned eye hospital. As per his instruction I went to the hospital and had this reattachment surgery in four days. Also recently I had a surgery for silicon oil removal. My vision is better now.

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