No change in vision after cataract surgery in Australia

by Eleanor Rice
(Newcastle NSW Australia)

Yesterday (1st Dec 2021) I had my post-op appt with a less than kind specialist. I was a public patient in Australia and I wonder if this is the reason I was treated coldly. Only after reading many peoples' experiences and articles from specialists who think patients need to be treated with kindness did I realise that it wasn't necessary for me to have my cataract removed just yet.. I was managing well with glasses (for everything). However as someone has mentioned cataract surgery is a multi million dollar business. I still need glasses for everything. There is no noticeable difference in a brighter world between the eye (L) with no cataract and the right eye. The specialist reckons that there must have been something wrong with my L eye because the lens and surgery were Ok. I was unaware that there were any problems with my eyes until I needed glasses to read after I reached my 40s. I do not have macular degeneration or pressure in my eyes. I have my eyes tested every 6 months and after my last visit it was suggested I might like to get my cataract removed in the worst eye but there was nothing else wrong with my eyes. So it appears I must take the blame for the cataract surgery not being as successful as he thought it would be. His parting words to me before I went to surgery was "you will see an improvement" BTW at no time during the pre-op appt and after the A-scan did he ask me what I wanted or told me which lens he was going to use. Beware if you live in Australia and are a public patient - you have a right to ask questions none of which I was aware needed to be asked about cataract surgery. Check with friends to find a sympathetic specialist. Mine showed no sympathy towards me about my disappointment. There is no way my right eye is going to be touched until ABSOLUTELY necessary.

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