My recent sight restoring surgery

by Anthony Stewart
(Pinetown,South Africa)

I had both eyes done +/- 5years ago, have had endless problems with getting the correct glasses, first had double vision in right eye, had lenses with prisms, have now developed double vision in left eye and both eyes not focusing on same spot so now have 3 views of what I see.

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May 03, 2020
Cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

Had cataract surgery 2016 on both eyes. Dr. said some of the cataract was left in one of my eyes. Had surgery a third time. I had my eyes examined April 2020 because my eyes would become very blurred when reading. The Dr. told me I still have a cataract in my left eye.

Aug 29, 2018
Painful eye from lens in cataract
by: D ballard

Can I get painful cloudy lens removed, placed in at time of cataract surgery? It's been 3 yrs. And I get sick about it every day. Can't see good and is cloudy and painful. I don't want another one put in I'd rather wear glasses when needed. I had good eyesight before. He insisted I put some type in, was not prepared and did not have funds. I don't believe he was even a Dr. Only saw time of surgery. I have to shut the eye with lens to do a lot of things, I'm blinking constantly and rubbing, want to claw it out. I fix small things and crochet; can't see them in the one with cataract. I can't judge distance and at 65 afraid I'll kill myself tripping if not removed. Will Medicare pay most of surgery?

Aug 27, 2018
Help I can't stand the lens put in at time of cataract surgery, going crazy.
by: d ballard

I was never told I needed a lens put in eye during cataract surgery, but the guy insisted saying i had to have it. My sight was great before and told him I could see well before the cataract. But he insisted ,now 3 years later my eye feels like a contact is in it. Feels like it moves around,eye hurts, I feel like I can see between the lens at times, as if looking through a glass window, nauseating, have to take nausea meds frequently. It's cloudy, a lot like before surgery. Need other eye done, but afraid if I did I'd fall or worse, cause I can't see close with it and unable to predict distance. Will they replace the lens for me and will Medicare pick up part of it? I'm going crazy I cry a lot and I can't stand it. Can they just take it out since I had good vision before, and not put lens in and will eye be okay that way? I tried glasses but have hot flashes at present, makes it worse. And get glasses later if needed. Help, afraid I'll go crazy if they don't. Had to wait till I got medicare for insurance. And some one to drive. Thats the only thing that's kept me going. Help!

Aug 26, 2017
Endless trouble
by: Anonymous

I have many issues post surgery. Trouble getting glasses, contacts, have retinal issues, different focusing in each eye, droplets on implanted lens? So much trouble! Dr didn't discuss side effects or surgical plan re correction of vision....didn't take the time

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