My recent cataract surgery

by Linda F
(Milton, IN, USA)

Right after my surgery, which was a breeze, I had 20/20 vision in both eyes. After a couple of weeks, vision was down to 20/30 in the left eye, 20/35 in the left eye. I am so upset as I was thrilled to have excellent vision - now I am wondering if it will continue to decline. My regular eye doctor said there was some inflammation and gave me steroid eye drops which he was sure would correct the problem. After two weeks, that has not been the case. Anyone else with this situation?

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Oct 30, 2019
Good vision then worsening
by: Anonymous

Sounds familiar. Had haloing for a couple days then very good vision. After a month vision is blurry and out of focus and haloing is back. Had a followup and doc said I needed a laser procedure to repair this and will need to have the surgeon do it. Set for 2 weeks from now. If this doesn't work I'm in trouble. Night and distance vision was so good and now it is getting worse by the day.

Jul 08, 2018
When Will Eye Get Better
by: Anonymous

First, I had a vitrectomy. 11 months later I had cataract surgery on the same eye. The day after the surgery my vision was amazing, then it went all to hell. Everything was blurry and distorted. The surgeon claimed he did his job and washed his hands of me. So I went back to the original surgeon who did the vitrectomy. She said there was a lot of swelling and that was probably causing the blurry vision. I've been on steroid eye drops for 8 months and even though the swelling is now gone, my vision is still blurry. She said it's probably astigmatism and to go to my optometrist for glasses or contacts. I feel like I'm being passed around and neither surgeon wants to take responsibility for my blurry vision. There's something very wrong. My vision wasn't perfect after the vitrectomy but it wasn't anywhere near as blurry as it is now. I don't know what to do next except go to a larger hospital where doctors may have seen this before.

Aug 04, 2014
by: Judy

I think our eye doctors may be skilled in the performance of the cataract surgery, but they may be less educated in the response of the individual to the surgery, and that a minor error may cause negative long term results. My surgery was done 8 months ago....I still have the same problems as before plus I am no longer able to drive at night because of the glare and irregular patterns of light before my eyes. Cleveland clinic is the best bet for post surgical complications.

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