My doctor put a fix lens in my eye and not the focusing lens

by Hollie

I first found I had a cataract at the age of 21 when I failed an eye test. I went to the doctor in 1989 who studied my eye and found a complete cataract. He checked behind my eye and found everything to be normal and functioning in my eye. He said it was best I wait because a new lens is coming that will improve my eye more than the one he could put in now.

I then waited 20 years. Once I had the time and the money, I went to the Baverian clinic, the best in Valencia, Spain. The doctor said: "Yes, you are a perfect candidate for surgery. Your eye is young and your vision will improve greatly."

I went through the surgery. All went well and I went in for a check-up a week later. This is when I found out that he put a fixed lens in my eye and not a focusing one. I asked why he did this and he replied: "I did not know your eye was so good. Now after the surgery, I can see that you could have gotten the focusing lens."

This was a great shock. Now I need to wear glasses at 46. This is not so bad but my eye without the surgery was working well and the eye with surgery needs a much different lens in order to read. It made the eye worse. I often think about the 20 years I waited for my eye to get the advanced surgery and this man put the old fashioned one in anyway.

Hollie Wittman

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