by debra
(springfield, mo)

It has been 2 years and still see halos at night. Right eye does not focus on signs like the left one does. Do not feel comfortable driving any more at night, so lost hours because I can't drive at night. Not satisfied at all but doctor said it will get better. Not a patient person. Had the lenses so I didn't have to wear glasses. Had to do over would not have chosen them if known I wouldn't be able to see like before with glasses

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Mar 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

Have the same problems. Still see halos and I am afraid to drive at night, still can not recognize faces until the person is very close. My eyesight was good before the surgery - I can see far and close. Before the surgery my far and near vision was great, my only problem was that I started seeing at night halos on the lights from the cars. My doctor say it was the cataract and it will get worse and it was better to do the surgery now. I trusted him but to me it was the worst mistake I made, my perfect vision is gone, the halos still there and worse. I just hope and pray that my vision does not get worse.

Mar 03, 2015
Understand completely
by: Anonymous

I had my cataract surgery because I was seeing one ghost image at night when lights shone upon a sign or when I looked at the moon. I was told I needed cataract surgery. I now see 5 to 7 ghost images, double vision when I read and glowing circles around bright lights at night with a heavy halo around the edges. It has been two years and i have been told there will be no improvement, that this sometimes happens, and that I should be glad I got the surgery if I needed it. I too no longer can drive at night because of the confusion over the many "ghost" images and halos. I would suggest avoiding this surgery. It surely didn't help me. I have been referred to 4 other eye doctors since and all say that this happens, that scattering of light is normal, and that I should just adjust to the current situation as the surgery was done correctly. Hah, obviously either the surgery should never have been done or it was done incorrectly. The results had decreased the quality of my vision and made life much more difficult. I now realize that this is a money making proposition. My doctor made it a ritual to pull eyelashes each time I came in because they were interfering with my vision...Not no change....except he got $50 from Medicare for each eyelash he pulled! I finally told him no more eyelashes were to be removed and suddenly there was no more problems with my eyelashes! He did laser surgery because of so called encapsulation,which supposedly makes your vision cloudy. I had no cloudy vision, and asked how he determined there was encapsulation, but but couldn't show me the need for it....But I believed him as he was the expert....Of course that was another payment from Medicare. That caused more problems vision wise. It is shameful what some doctors will do for money....and more shameful is the lack of ethics.

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