Cataract Surgury?

by Joyce I Benedict
(New York)

I had cataract surgery 2yrs ago at age 78. I did not have any problems accept for needing eye glasses and I was concerned about taking my next driving test. The doctor told me I would not pass my drivers' eye exam without correcting it. So I had the first eye done, with no problems. But I didn't get the more expensive lenses and knew I would probably have to wear reading glasses to read, which didn't bother me. The second eye I had done was not so fortunate. I had to go back to have a needle in my eye to drain some fluid. I still had a vision problem with waviness. Everything I looked at with that eye (all straight lines were wavy). It started to effect my Brain and Focus problems. I went back again. He said I needed to go to a Retina Doctor. He thought I had a detached retina. Immediately sent me from his office over to the that facility. They did 3 hours of testing with tons of machines. He said I had three blisters under my cornea. He showed me and one was erupted. When I asked him what it was? He said 'I don't know'. He never saw anything like it. HUMMMM!!!! Now what? He put drops in my eyes and sent me home. Then COVID came and I was afraid to go back. I will be making an appt and I will come back here to comment on the follow up treatment. He gave me a chart to check every day to see if it was getting worse. It has not but really messes with my brain functioning. Would I do this again if I had to ? NO! I have an 88yr old friend had both eyes done. He wore glasses for over 49 yrs. He does "not" now. He takes 6 to 7 pills a day and has diabetes and heart problems and had prostrate cancer. I am telling you people: CHECK OUT YOUR EYE DOCTOR And ASK MANY QUESTIONS> Get a doctor that has done many of these surgeries over the years and knows what he is doing. Once the lenses are done and IN, there is no changing it. Pay more and get the better lenses even if you do have to wear glasses for reading. Good luck! I will come back here to let you know what my outcome was with the blisters under my eye that he could not tell me what it was.

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