Cataract surgery very bad surgeon

by Susan

Hi, I think I wrote the comments in May 2021, still having problems burning boths eyes, but the right eye more, found out the surgeon that did this, implant two different lens, put in a toric lens in right eye and frosted square edge IOL lens in the left eye, also performed monovision with out my consent or acknowledgement, plus sure have nerve damage. WHAT a MESS he left me in, told me to go away didn't want to answer to anything, left me like this, been so many ophthalmologist they all cover each other, but that's not helping me, been like this for 18 months, want to get the IOLs out and put standard IOL monofocal that I should have had, not two different types of IOL, have blur vision, jiggling vision on both lenses been nightmare,
😢😢😤. Very, very unhappy

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Apr 09, 2022
Cataract Surgery Gone Bad
by: Anonymous

I've written several times in the past. It's been over 8 years since my cataract surgery. Still in pain/discomfort every day. I think it's nerve damage, but of at least 15 doctors I've seen over the years, no one can definitively explain the cause for my constant annoyance my eye causes. I see double and, just as before the surgery, cannot drive at night. The result of the surgery has been a nightmare for me. Don't have a clue as to what to do. Think carefully before you have cataracts removed. You might be better off without it.

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