Cataract surgery in both eyes

by Art Swanson
(Roseburg, Oregon)

I had a cataract in my right eye that grew large due to my fear of the surgery and waiting years before having it done (very bad decision on my part). Because of this, the surgery caused some eye trauma and cornea swelling that lasted longer than normal. For at least 3 weeks following surgery, I had severe cloudiness in the eye that was quite worrisome for me. My doctor assured me that it would resolve, and eventually it did. A month later, I had the left eye done. That cataract was much smaller, and I had good vision immediately following surgery.
I had monovision surgery. A distance lens was implanted in my right eye, and a reading lens in the left eye. That was a good decision for me. I had no trouble adjusting, and I now have good vision at all distances. There is a lot of excellent information on line about the choices of implant lenses and I would encourage anyone to research this before having surgery.
I have always found medical visits to be very stressful and try to avoid them. However, after finally making the decision to have this done, I can report that the procedure is very quick and easy and absolutely nothing to fear. I have an excellent doctor who was very patient and supportive and this was a big help. He went to great lengths to explain everything in detail and assure me that he would make the process as stress free as possible. I was also encouraged by my wife who had previously done both of her eyes, and also by friends who assured me I would be overjoyed with the results. Indeed, I was, almost to the point of becoming emotional as I described to everyone the excitement of seeing text, colors, and objects so sharply that I couldn't believe what I had been missing. I had long complained about the engineers who designed the instrument panel on my vehicle as it just looked like a "black hole" to me. Now I realize that I was the problem as everything is now sharp and clear.
Don't do as I did and wait too long to have this done. You don't realize what you are not seeing until after your surgery.

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