Cataract surgery at 47 years old

by Gloria
(White River Junction, VT.)

Hi, I just recently had cataract surgery in my left eye after having an eye infection, that became a corneal ulcer. It took 7 months to heal, using several types of eye drops.

It was cultured several times to no avail. It left a scar on my eye and I opted to have a corneal transplant. They told me I had a cataract from the infection and all the eye drops, but couldn't do both surgeries at the same time.

So after the corneal transplant I waited another 7 months for cataract surgery. I was really hoping that this was the root of my cloudiness and blurriness. It has been a week, and it's still sort of cloudy and I was hoping to see better. I do have stitches in my eye still from the corneal transplant and one stitch from the cataract surgery.

I hope that I don't have protein behind the lens I just received, causing this cloudiness. I see the doctor on Friday, so this will be my 2nd follow up, I hope he can tell me more when I come in.

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