Bump in Eye/Bad Eyelid After Cataract Surgery

by Dorothy

I had cataract surgery 7 months ago. My eye waters and feels like there is something in it. Sometimes my eye blinks real fast to the point where I have to hold it shut. My eyelid gets caught on the bump when I blink. A black bump is right above the iris. My eye waters especially when I am lying down. Also, my eyelid does not fully open giving my eye the appearance of a deformity. My doctor told me to wait 6 months; the bump might go away. After the 6 months the bump in my eye bothers me more. My doctor said that he can remove the bump surgically, but seemed reluctant. I was prescribed Prednisolone 4 times a day for 2 weeks, then I was scheduled to see the doctor again the end of January to see if the size of the bump lessened. Does anyone have a similar situation? Should I have the bump removed surgically? I am so disappointed and worried.

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Aug 13, 2021
Right eye after cataract surgery
by: Hallie

I had cataract surgery 2 months ago. I could see great! Two days ago it felt like something was in it and all I could do was blink and close my eye for relief. My dr told me to use eye drops and I did. Nothing helped. Then after taking a mirror, I spotted like a tiny splinter thing, it wouldn’t come off with water rinsing so I took a swab and got it out. For a day it was great! For a day. Next morning I woke up and my eye was running tears! I mean all day today it’s been running like I’m crying! Tonight, I have a patch over it cause it hurts when it’s open. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, just pray this goes away.

Nov 18, 2016


If the bump is due to some iris trauma from cataract surgery, it may be possible to improve the appearance with either a contact lens, or a surgical procedure where a black/brown synthetic sheet is placed underneath the area of iris trauma.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Nov 17, 2016
Bump in my eye after cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

I have a bump on my iris just below the pupil. It looks horrible. People especially children tell me my eye looks weird. THERE is also a yellow glow in that eye. MY eyes were my best feature so this has made me cry often. I'm wearing tinted glasses but you can still see it. I have to live with this and it makes me not want to live. My own grandchild said he can't stand to look at me. Please pray for me.

Jan 09, 2014
Corner of eye feels like something in it
by: dave

Can't see anything in my eye, says the doctor. He told me to hold a hot water compress on it but that only works for about a half hour, then it's back. It happends almost every night in the evening. It is mostly in the right eye in each corner of the eye. It's been five months since the operation.

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