by John D. Collier
(Jonesville, Virginia, U.S.A.)

I was told in 2012 after an eye exam by an Ophthalmologist that I had some small cataracts. It was suggested that I could have them removed. At the time I had at least 20/25 vision in either eye. I had good experience in the past with RK to correct my nearsightedness and had little fear of this procedure. I assumed all would go well. I had my right eye operation which turned out fine with no negative result and very good vision. My left eye was scheduled during the same year. During this surgery the capsule burst, the phacoemulsifier machine pulled the retina loose from the back of the eye. After surgery I was told by the doctor about the possible problem. My vision was blurry and I had a lot of internal pressure in the eye. Even knowing I had this high pressure I was medicated and sent home where the pain in the eye was unbearable. It was over a weekend and I was able to get back to the doctor who told me I had a detached retina and would have to see a retina specialist immediately or possibly lose my vision. I did as I was told reluctantly and the eye was operated on. I am now completely blind in the eye after five years and four retinal attachment procedures which all failed. There is little recourse for the patient. Unless you need cataract surgery you should give the idea plenty of thought before doing it. I lost a perfectly good eye, of course according to the industry, my age, my physical eye shape, etc. Pretty much all my fault and physical condition.
Please use caution, you can lose your eyesight from this procedure.


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Dec 04, 2020
Blindness after cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

October 19th 2020 my husband had this operation.. Nothing to it they said. He is now blind in his right eye.
These so called Doctors seem to think this is no big deal. I would like for them to go through this for a while and see if it is still NO big deal..
It is NOT his fault it is the fault of the Doctor doing the surgery.. They need to be stopped from blinding people, get retrained and do more to ensure that people do not go blind from a simple operation to correct vision!
The doctor did say "he is not blind he just can't see"! Even stupider!!!!

Nov 01, 2020
Do not get the cataract operation until you see the white
by: Anonymous

Husband had operation. Now he is blind.
Eye drops and creams hurt and do not change anything. 14 days and no change.
We do not know what to do about it.
He was seeing fine until they blinded him.
God help us all if they are that stupid that they continue to blind people.

Sep 19, 2020
Waiting for Cataract Surgery
by: Catarina

I have poor vision but with corrective lenses (glasses) I see fine. I am thinking twice about having cataract surgery until I really need it. I am 5 years from having that surgery according to the eye doctor. I have decided to wait and don't want to ruin my eyes. Thank you for warning me.

Aug 09, 2019
Cateract Gone Wrong
by: Anonymous

Had cataract done 3/18. Left eye cannot see nothing. No vision. Horrible. Saw 5 Docs! NO ANSWERS!

Jul 26, 2018
Fault ?
by: Anonymous

Why is it your fault? Sounds like they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes! Get another opinion in another state.

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