6 weeks after cataract surgery vision still not 20/20

by Eric
(Great Neck, New York)

I heard and read about many people getting 20/20 vision immediately or even 24 hours after cataract surgery.

In my case, after the patch on my right eye was removed the next day, I can see the vision has improved a little bit, but then the area around the eye, from the upper eyelid to lower eyelid and the cheek started to get swollen, (nothing seem to happen to the eye itself). After a week of taking Amoxilin antibiotics, the swelling went away.

It's been 6 weeks now and the eye still does not have 20/20 vision. I would say my vision right now is about 70% of 20/20. The doctor said it should take about 8 weeks. Will I eventually get a 20/20 vision?

1. How long will it take to get 20/20 vision?
2. Will the vision stay 20/20 permanently after surgery?
3. Is it possible to deteriorate and develop near-sightedness again?

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Sep 29, 2022
Vision day after laser cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

My left eye was twenty forty which was the first One to get done and the right One was twenty fifty. I always thought my right eye was better than left. Will either one improve to twenty twenty or better than what they are now? Were the lenses the wrong size? I was never told what kind of lenses were put in.

Jan 19, 2013
Re: 6 weeks after cataract surgery
by: Brian Ang

1. Whether vision achieves 20/20 depends on many factors, including accuracy of the biometry measurements of the eye, the strength of the implanted intraocular lens, pre-existing health of the eye including the retina and the cornea, and the postoperative course. Usually, if all goes well, you can achieve 20/20 vision with the aid of spectacles or contact lenses.

2. No, because the aging process means that your vision will eventually deteriorate over time.

3. You may develop a change in refractive error (whether nearsightedness or longsightedness) if the position of the implanted intraocular lens shifts with age.

4. For a prescription of -0.75D, it just means that you need to wear a prescriptino of -0.75D to see 20/20. However, if you were not to wear glasses, then perhaps you vision would be between 20/30 and 20/40.

Kind regards,
Brian Ang

Jan 08, 2013
Prescription of -0.75
by: Anonymous

For a prescription of -0.75, what is the equivalent of vision in terms of 20/20. Is it 20/75?

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