Cataract removal and resulting vision

by Ken
(York, PA)

I went to get new glasses and was told "Cataract surgery is in my future". Since I am already 62, I decided to have the surgery done now. Two weeks ago they did my dominant right eye. My distance vision is much better. But I lost my normal close up vision. And I am seeing "ghost" images; especially letters. As a result, I am delaying surgery on my left eye until I have the right eye corrected for this double vision; if it can be corrected. As a side note, my doctor prescribed "Ilevro" 3 days prior to surgery. But their web site advises not to do that until one day prior to surgery due to increased risks of adverse effects. I am waiting to hear from my doctor as to why he is deviating from the clear dosage instructions of the drug manufacture.

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