Totally not what I expected

by Mary Marszalik

I had cataract removal 1 year ago. In both eyes, lenses were implanted. I had nothing but trouble from pain, extremely blurred vision, and flashing in eyes.

Then 4 months later I went to another Doctor. He removed the lenses and put different ones in and did laser for high eye pressures. When I still complained of very blurry vision, he gave me a prescription and sent me away.

To this day I am sooo disappointed that I ever had the surgery done. I still have blurred vision. I cannot drive because I am afraid of hurting myself or worse someone else.

It is like foggy vision but it is so weird. Although colors are vivid, my depth perception is bad. It is so hard to explain. It's like I can see but cannot because of the cloudiness / blurriness.

If anyone could help me I sure would appreciate it. I am now unemployed because I lost my job because of this. I do not have any insurance. Is there anyone who could help me???

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