Still having problems after cataract and capsolotomies

by Barb

I had cataract surgery in Nov 2016 - had laser capsulotomy procedure in March and April 2017.

I find as the day progresses both eyes start getting blurry and then it gets so blurry that I can no longer read the computer.

I have also noticed that when I watch tv - that my right eye is ok, however, when I close it and just try to view it with only my left eye open it is distorted and I cannot read any of the test.

The reason I had to have the capsulotomies so soon as the Eye Surgery place (they only do cataracts) had me on prednisone. Insisted that it was part of the treatment. I had just come off of prednisone due to my rheumatoid arthritis - where I had been tapering down after being on it for a year. So the prednisone was the culprit.

So what should I do now- I'm tempted to just get an eye patch - will have to order somewhere - so I can view the world a little better?

Does everyone have this blurriness problem?

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