Shadows to the right

by Edmund L.
(Oxford, Ct. , USA)

I've had cataract surgery in my right eye about 6 months ago. I still have a curtain effect to the right edge of my eye. I've been back to the doctor (who performed the surgery) and she claims there is nothing wrong.

She has said that the light reflecting off the new lens is probably the issue.

My overall distance vision with the eye is good. Only when I try to look behind me is this more noticeable. Most times it is always there even when looking straight ahead.

When looking into a mirror with good lighting as when shaving, it is very noticeable.

I really don't want to have surgery again and am wondering if there is some compensation for this and what my next step should be.

I know this is hard to prove in the court of law, but I am an honest person who would not sue for no good reason.

Is there a financial compensation in store for me and the other cataract patients who experience these problems?

I get the impression my eye doctor wishes I and the problem would just disappear.

What adds to this discomfort is that my out of pocket expense for this surgery is about 2,000 for rental of the hospital room, etc.

I just hope that these symptoms get better for me and all the patients who are going through these dilemmas.

If there is a financial compensation, is there a way to ask the doctor without being labeled as an extortionist or is this a mal-practice issue in which lawyers need to be contacted?

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Feb 26, 2017
get a new attorney
by: Anonymous

I plan on making my situation a legal issue. My symptoms are not nearly as severe as yours.

At times, one needs to tell their attorney to take a hike. There are plenty out there who will be glad to help. When I find one, I will post it.

No doctor on earth will testify against another especially to build a case for negligence and/or malpractice.

My feeling and experience is shop for a new attorney instead of shopping for another doctor to prove your case.

Good Luck and I will keep you posted,

Edmund L.

Feb 24, 2017
Result of Surgery
by: Anonymous

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think you have any recourse for the result of your cataract surgery. I have been dealing with repercussions for 2-1/2 YEARS! Everything from severe dry eye to constant aggravation as if there is something in my eye to conjunctivochalasis (excess folds in my eye), which required another surgery) to seeing a halo/glare as bad or worse than before cataract surgery and now a diagnosis that the eye muscle is not working correctly, which causes me to see double at some angles and my eye to ache almost constantly. My depth perception has been affected. Supposedly, this can be corrected with a prism in my glasses.

Cataract surgery appears to be one of the most taken-for-granted surgeries, because the doctors and everyone else think it is so safe. Perhaps, the percentage of bad outcomes is low, but if it you happen to be the one with the bad outcome, it's 100%.

I called an attorney and was told that I would have to have another doctor confirm that there was neglect or malpractice that caused the bad result. I have been to no fewer than 12 doctors in various states, none of whom have committed to saying there was an error. Meanwhile, I drive on, hoping for some relief.

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