by Anna
(New Jesey)

I had cataract surgery on my right eye two and half months ago. I already had two infections on that eye and putting drops three times a day (tired of all this medicines). The left eye was done two months, and now I see double in both eyes and and cannot see on the distance in order to see the people faces need to get close and both eyes were implanted with the Crystalens intraocular lenses. If I read with my glasses I get a headache and if I read without the glasses is hard to see unless I get close to the computer. My doctor say it will get better, my question to him or anybody is "When?". Before the surgeries the only problem I had was halos at night and in the morning. Besides that my vision was okay. Did the surgery because my doctor said it will get worse, but now I am desperate to get an answer as to why this has happened.

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