Right eye cataract survery with implant 4/2013

by Saimi
(Avon Lake, OH)

I am a 70 year old female. This whole mess is my worse nightmare. I cannot see clearly in the operative eye. It has been 11 days since my surgery and there has been no improvement in my vision. I had a fairy tale vision of this surgery with it improving my vision so I would not have to wear glasses. No one told me about the risks, etc. prior to the surgery. I used to only need glasses for reading. Now my reality has changed.

Within a couple of hours after returning home from my surgery, the pain was awful, like my teeth all ached. I called the doctor's office. The secretary transferred me to the nurse who told me to take Tylenol. I took my usual dose of 1000mg. And then an hour later another 1000mg. The pain did not subside until much later (around midnight) after I took a Lyrica.

The day after my surgery I saw another surgeon because my surgeon didn't come to the west side location of the hospital on that day. I knew this going into this operation.

A clinician took my ocular pressure and said it was 52; the doctor was able to bring it down to 8 after inserting a needle into my surgical eye. This was done with a local anesthetic. I saw my surgeon 4 days later. He said the eye looked good, that he had done nothing wrong. I kept hearing it was such a simple surgery. I love their 'wait and see' attitude.

Why won't the doctor tell me anything? I am in so much discomfort both physically and mentally. Even the surgery center where I had it done had the nerve to call me and ask how I was. They seem to want to separate themselves from me because I screamed. They hooked me up to an IV two hours plus prior to the start of my surgery. They made me totally undress not even my undies (while most of my friends only had a gown over their clothes). They kept pumping me with eyedrops and then an anesthesia thru the IV. I was freezing so much from the IV fluids that they had to use blankets to keep me warm. I could not get a nurse to help me go to the bathroom because I was stuck to an IV and they had no idea where or when the doctor would appear. He showed up 2+ hours later and just pushed a paper into my hands to sign. Wouldn't even look at me. I was furious. They gave me a copy of the paper when I left but I had no idea what it said.

I was supposed to be having an uncomplicated outpatient operation, right. So what the hell happened? By the way, I was so high on drugs after the surgery I thought I could see great. I remember telling my sister this.

This has turned into my worst nightmare. All I can think about is litagation. Of course the doctor separating himself from this situation doesn't help much.

I really have no place to turn. It seems my eye looks great from a medical standpoint but the vision is impaired. The vision was almost completely gone the day after surgery and now has improved partially but is much worse then prior to surgery.

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Jun 21, 2013
right eye cataract implant 4/13
by: Anonymous

It is possible that the lens is misplaced. He didn't put the lens in the correct position. My doctor was honest enough to tell me and now I have to undergo another surgery. Which I am sure that I will have to pay for. I suggest you get a second and possibly a third opinion.

Jun 11, 2013
Right eye cataract surgery...
by: S

You have my greatest sympathy. My own experience was disappointing, frustrating and makes me angry. But yours is an absolute nightmare and you should look into litigation. Two things in your report stand out: your wishing you had been told about the possibilities and caveats. Me, too! And you love their wait and see attitude. I get that, too. And 'wait' doesn't necessarily mean 'see'...

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