Recent surgery - Cataract surgery/toric implants

by David Rhys Davies

4 days now since my operation on right eye and no improvement whatsoever. Saw the specialist today and he blames the macular degeneration and will prescrible glasses in a month's time. I am very disappointed after hearing other testimonials of miraculous recovery experiences after this operation.

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Aug 23, 2017
Macular degeneration
by: Anonymous

Cataract and toric surgery and two months later bleeding behind the macular. Showed up two months later in one eye. Blurry vision.

Mar 19, 2017
pain after toric implant even after two months
by: Sudipta Mitra Datta

i had toric implants in both eyes about two and half month distance vision in both eyes are perfect !
but i have pain and discomfort in both eyes ,even after application of eye drops for pain as well as lubricants, i have consulted 4other eye surgeons other than the one who operated, all said they could not find any problem with implant suggested more eye drops and lubricants assuring everything would be ok after some time !
But i cant bear this pain and a constant presence of a film apart from floaters in front of my eyes.I had /have glaucoma and the pressure is under control
I have big problem in going out in the sun ,almost blindfolded. I am 65 .
Any suggestions please .
Is it possible to take out lens afer 3/4 months of implant if required ?

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