Recent eye surgery

by Jeanette
(West Bloomfield, MI)

I had the right done on Monday, October 1, 2012. Immediately after getting home I got a severe migraine headache and nausea. I tried calling the doctor but his page was not working or something. After taking Tylenol, Aspirin and nothing helped, I took a Darvacet which I had from a while back - it finally cured the headache - that was 12 hours after the surgery.

Now in the third day home from the surgery, I have been feeling nauseated and have a slight headache in addition to misjudging curbs and small steps. The doctor said that after I have the other eye done - this should clear up. I'm afraid to have the other eye done because I don't want to be twice as nauseated and have worse headaches. Also, the vision in my operated eye is so sharp - it's like it's not natural - I feel like I'm living in a bright colored cartoon show or something - the colors are just too bright - it startles you. I wonder if maybe my vision has been over-corrected. Can someone help me?

I'm going for a second opinion. I can't go on like this. It has taken the joy out of life. Oh I forgot to mention that when driving all the street light signals are double - I mentioned this double vision to the doctor but he dismisses it saying I should have my other eye done in a week. I don't think so.

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Oct 10, 2012
Re: Recent eye surgery
by: Brian Ang

Dear Jeanette

I am sorry to hear of your problems after cataract surgery to your right eye.

A few things come to my mind when reading your comments:
1. Pain, headache and nausea soon after cataract surgery may be due to high eye pressure. If your eye did develop high pressure, it may be worthwhile asking for a few Acetazolamide (Diamox) tablets (to take for 1 to 3 days) to reduce the eye pressure after surgery. That is, if you do decide to have the other eye done.

2. Misjudging curbs and steps, as well as feeling a bit sick and seeing double - these point to an imbalance in the focusing of your eyes. Your right eye is focusing very clearly, but because of the cataract, your left eye is not. So your ophthalmologist is correct in that doing surgery to the left eye should help to balance up the focus. This way both your eyes will start working well together again.

3. Sharp vision... Some people can get quite taken aback by how much their vision has improved after cataract surgery. This is because over the years, they have gotten used to the blurriness caused by the cataract. However, it's not a case of your eye being 'over-corrected'. It's more a case of restoring your vision to what it was originally capable of.

4. I agree - please don't sign up for left cataract surgery until you are ready. Take your time to evaluate how your symptoms have been since the cataract surgery, and to take on board the opinion(s) of other ophthalmologists.

I hope it all works out well - good luck!

Kind regards,

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