Recent cataract surgery & elevated eye pressure

by Neil T.
(Eureka, Calif.)

Four weeks ago (4/15/14), a very experienced local opthalmologist (he's been doing eye surgeries for 35+ years) performed phacoemulsification cataract surgery removal/IOL lens implant surgery on my left eye. I am a 62-yr. old man with glaucoma in both eyes who was pretty nervous about having this cataract surgery done. I hoped it would clear up my vision, which had become blurry, cloudy and frustrating. About 45 minutes before the surgery, nursing staff gave me a 5 mg Valium which worked well in subsiding my anxieties during the procedure. Since the surgery, I have used the multiple prescribed eyedrops and ointment to help the eye heal, and to deal with some itchiness, occasional soreness and slight discomfort. I am now very pleased my vision is exceptionally clear, especially at distances. My big post-op worry has been the elevated pressure in the surgically repaired eye. When I met with the MD in his office twice post-surgery, we were both concerned that my left eye pressure had spiked up from 20-22 (its normal range for last few years)and remained at 37 for 10 days. He then switched me off two of the post-op eyedrops and added another 2x-a-day glaucoma eyedrop. When I met with him 12 days later, I was relieved to learn the pressure dropped down to 14 in my left eye. I am now taking just my usual bedtime anti-glaucoma drops in both eyes and meet with him next week for a final post-op checkup. My own experience suggests 3 things: (1) have an experienced eye surgeon work on you; (2) take your post-op meds as prescribed; (3) be patient during the healing process.

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