Problem with cataract surgery after 5 or 6 years

by Frank
(Ten Mile, TN)

I had the cataract in my left eye removed in 2011 and the right eye in 2012. For a couple of years, I had no problems and my eyesight improved to the point that I only had to have reading glasses, after wearing glasses for over 25 years. I noticed the eyesight getting a little worse and a laser procedure was performed on my right eye that cleared up the vision. About a year ago I noticed that my vision in the left eye had gotten considerably worse and went back to the doctor. He said that the lens had dropped slightly, but advised that I monitor it and come back if needed in a year. The eyesight in that eye continued to deteriorate, and I returned to the doctor today. I am scheduled to have eye surgery next month to attempt to correct the lens placement. I am hoping that will restore some of my vision. The doctor indicated if that is not possible there is a more invasive surgery that comes from the back of the eye that would correctly place the lens. I will update following the surgery next month. I have noticed a decided watering of both eye, but especially the left eye. Could that be eye strain or is that a common occurrence?

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