Post Op Pain - An Open Note to Eye Surgeons

For surgeons who primarily do surgery rather than general ophthalmology – yes, it can hurt like heck. Had both of my eyes done three and four weeks ago, one was fine & one has had several complications, including very high pressure which led to abrasions on the cornea. I had to badger my doctor on three different occasions to get him to prescribe any kind of pain medication. He even told me at one point that he didn't have pain medications on his computer, and had to add them in order to prescribe them, because he had never had to prescribe pain meds before. This seems a little incredible to me, as everything I've read on the Internet suggests that corneal damage tends to be pretty darn painful. I get the distinct impression that a surgeon is just a cutter who doesn't really have necessarily a complete handle on the whole ophthalmology thing. I'm still dealing with complications, and I'm seriously considering trying to get a second opinion from someone who is primarily an ophthalmologist and not a surgeon. Bottom line: yes, it can hurt like the very dickens.

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