I recently had a cataract removed and a toric implant for an astigmatism put in. I experienced a lot of pain during the procedure off and on. I believe the Dr. asked for more meds. Next day I had 20/20 vision. It has gotten worse and at times I see double. It has been 6 days now and vision is better, however there is some kind of movement on the side. Almost like a wave motion. Something wiggles. And I think vision is inhibited on that side. Still have pain, an ache, not sharp. Could the lens be placed wrong or slipped to the side?

So sad, everyone I have spoken to had no pain, no problems, and their procedures went well. I do and have taken about 7/8 months of steroids after an epidural shot that caused a large hematoma in my spine. I have a great deal of inflammation and pressure in my head, neck and back. Also, have fought high blood pressure since the surgery.

I have had a lot of pain behind that eye for almost 6 years, caused by the neck pain, I believe. Have I done something to cause my procedure to go wrong? Any help would be appreciated. I am 62 years of age. The spine surgery was 1 year ago.

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