Pain After Cataract Surgery

by Ali Hamza
(Toronto, Canada)

My father had his cataract surgery done a few months ago. To be specific, one of his eyes was done in October 2012 and the next one was done in the second week of December 2012. According to the doctors and the clinic, everything went well without any complications. But my dad reports having pain in his eyes when he opens them. I wouldn't say its impossible but its definitely more painful to open his eyes, than before the surgery. We have tried talking to the doctor about this but they say everything seems okay in the eyes and its a part of adjustment. I still wanted to consult other people and see what they say. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 17, 2023
Loss of Vision (is that temporary) and Unrelenting, Overpowering Headache after surgery to remove and replace lens put in during previous cataract surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

I have excurciating headaches as a result of eye surgery a week ago. I have so much pain that I cannot sleep. Right now it's 1:17 AM and I went to bed at 11:00 pm but couldn't sleep. My intraocular lens which was inserted during prior cataract surgery which didn't hurt at all became dislocated, so I sought out a retinal specialist at a teaching hospital in a city 3 hours away. He and an assistant removed it and put in a new lens. I CANNOT SEE anything through that eye anymore and the pain is unbearable. Why can't I see? Did the loss of vision and pain happen to anyone else who had a lens removed and another replaced? Did you get your vision back? How long has your pain lasted? Do you know the cause of the pain? Mine is a level 10.

Feb 10, 2022
Pain after cataract surgery.
by: Linda Fergus

My brother had cataract surgery 4 years ago.
The Dr. put the wrong lens in and he had to go back in and put a new lens.
My brother has been in severe pain ever since.
He has no quality of life. Lives in his room with his eyes shut.
Desperation!! We have been to about 12 doctors.
They look at you as if you are crazy and that there is nothing wrong!
This is not true. This is happening to more and more people and something needs to change in this profession. He went to acupuncture. He did everything. Plasma drops.
Nothing works.

For those of you out there, there is a Boston who is finally stepping up and telling people. It’s not your imagination.
I have cried and cried that my brother has to deal with this pain!!!

The Dr. Is. Dr. Hamrah , Boston Mass.
Look him up. They are doing clinical trials.
Maybe he can help.

It breaks my heart to hear all of you people in pain and they actually talk to you like you're crazy. You are NOT. This is a real problem.
Linda Fergus

Dec 21, 2021
Pain with cataracts
by: Anonymous

I was sold on prescriptive lenses after my cataracts were removed, what a nightmare. I’m on my second doctor who sees nothing wrong with my eyes. I had 2 surgeries on my left eye because this first doc put in bifocals and I don’t even wear readers! I’ve found covering my left eye when I sleep with adhesive eye patches from the drugstore help calm down light sensitivity for the next day. I would’ve never gotten the lens implants had I known. This was all pushed on me from my first doctor out of greed. Keeping my blood pressure down with tea, issuing Prednefrin Forte eye drops every 2hrs and the eye patches help. Going for Acupuncture on the 30th of December to try and heal…. We shall see. Saying that one can drive after surgery is ridiculous! Sleeping is key for me right now, I’m a month out from my final surgery.
Doctors need to step up and be honest about how difficult this process is! I find doctors' aloofness to be excessively disappointing and harmful to one’s health and well-being. I was told after seeing a second doctor that each eye would take 3-4 months to heal following each eye procedure, which was helpful because it was an honest assessment. If I’m not better in this timeframe, I will go to the Mayo Clinic and have both lenses removed! This is the best I can give. Love and healing to you all.

Jun 12, 2021
Pain after surgery
by: Anonymous

Wish I had known some of this before I had cataract surgery. They don’t tell you this part and they are making me feel like I’m a rarity and apparently I’m not. They tell me everything is fine. It’s not. I can’t read and have eye problems I never had. Things are blurry and I hurt every day. Somebody mentioned a lawsuit. Is this something I can sue for? Any suggestions on that I am only 60 and feel like my life has been ruined.

Jan 14, 2021
Eye pain and headaches post surgery
by: Anonymous

Had cataract surgery last year and my eyes hurt all the time. My eyes feel like they're hauling heavy equipment around whenever my eyes move. They are always bloodshot with deep aching. At times when I don't have the super expensive drops with me, my vision is severely impaired, worse than before surgery. It feels like I've been wearing contacts for too long and I need to take them out.

May 17, 2020
Pain months after cataract surgery
by: Lou A

I had cataract surgery on both eyes. One in Jan 2020 and the other 6 weeks later in February 2020. Here we are now in May and pain in both eyes continues. I followed all doctor instructions pre op as well as post op ie drops, rest, sunglasses , etc. Now, reading is painful, I have extreme sensitivity to light, and dry eye drops are worthless for any relief no matter how many time a day I use them.
Frankly if I knew I’d have these issues before surgery I would have decided against it.. the problems I am now experiencing were never an issue before the surgery.

Oct 22, 2019
by: Debbie

Problems constant since cataract surgery. Light sensitivity, pain, halos, worsened eyesight, sudden pressure in eyes not there before surgery. Sorry I ever agreed to it. Recently told I could go blind. No problems before surgery...

Oct 13, 2019
Dirty little secret
by: Anonymous

I had unbearable pain during my cataract surgery. Why do not other people mention pain? Is is a dirty little secret that nobody is talking about?

Dec 31, 2018
cataract pain continues
by: Judith

I have had pain in both of my eyes since I had cataract surgery. It has been 8 months since the surgeries and I fear I will never have a life without eye pain. My eyes become swollen and half shut and the pain can become unbearable. I use drops for inflammation and also Prednisolone Acetate, which sometimes helps. I also use heat and Oasis drops many times each day. Additionally, I have tried Soothe, and Refresh. Nothing fully relieves the pain. I can get the pain down enough so that after a while I can actually do something. I have also experienced a period of extreme, debilitating headaches for 2 months, with no explanation and have had a CT Scan, and MRI with no explanations. I think the headaches are related to my cataract surgery. My eye surgeon has found no explanation and I am now preparing to see an Ophthalmologist at UCSF. My life has dramatically changed since I had this surgery and it has been a long 8 months...

Sep 10, 2018
Eye pain that never stops
by: Anonymous

So I see I'm not alone with this eye pain. If I work more then a few hours doing bookkeeping the eye gets extremely bad. I have to come home lay down and take a pain killer. If I knew what I know now I would not have had the cataract surgery. I never had eye pain before. I ended up in the ER with an IV of fentanyl went from a 10 the highest pain down to a 4. Is there no cure? I did see a retina specialist to find out I had a tear in my retina. Well, I still have the eye pain and not sure who to see. I was told dry eye causes eye pain. Well I didn’t have eye pain until my cataract was removed. Anyone have suggestions?

Aug 03, 2015
Eye Pain
by: Kathryn

I had cataract surgery and toric lens implants done in Dec. 2014. It is now 8/3/15 and I constantly have eye pain. Doctors tell me everything looks ok but I have a million floaters, dry eye and I am trying to do my best. Yes I can see better but up close I use 2 glasses and I want to cry every day. I cannot work a desk job and work at normal speed like the young folk do. I am going to sell my car and live out my years the best I can.

I am 63.

Mar 07, 2015
cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

after stop taking cataracts meds shortly after I develop muscle pain, muscle weakness, muscle cramping.I am doing stretching exercises,strengthening exercises and regular exercises and nothing is helping.

Sep 26, 2014
eyes hurting
by: louis bach

had cataract surgery eyes are hurting bad and dry eye drops dont help cant stand it went to doctors but say nothing is wrong? had no problems befor surgery, doctors dont help at all.

Sep 15, 2013
pain after cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

I hope your father is better now.

I would like to share with you a fact that after my cataract surgery, I could not bear daylight. Shortly after surgery everything was purple if I closed the eye. After surgery, my headaches never stopped nor did the pain in the eye. I never had headaches before.

To make a long story short, I saw 5 eye doctors, none of them saw anything wrong, one of the doctors gave me drops for inflammation which helped and saw a tiny perforation but he did not seem to want to help me further. In US there is a 2 year statute of limitation for law suits, therefore, until after statute of limitation, you are hitting a stone wall.


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