Nightmare afer having a cataract removed

I had cataract surgery on Feb 3rd. Went back the next day the doctor said everything was fine. Went back on the 12th, I felt something was wrong.

The doctor said he left a piece of the old cataract in my eye, he said he thought it would dissolve and to come back in a week. In that time I could hardly see out of that eye. Went
back on the 21st. He did emergency surgery to remove the piece he left in, and he met with me the next day.

I thought everything would be fine. The piece had hurt my cornea so he kept checking that. In April, he said there was still a very small piece still in my eye but would never need to be removed.

I went to my optometrist to get a prescription for
glasses, she told me the stitch the doctor put in was too tight and it was tugging on my cornea and causing striae ( which is like lines in your cornea) and it will not get better until the stitch is removed or loosened.

WHY DIDN'T MY DOCTOR FIND THIS?? This doctor is the chief of staff.

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