My Second Eye Surgery to Remove Cataract

by Rhona Silver
(Jacksonville, Florida )

I had surgery to remove the cataract in my right eye several years ago. My right eye had a worse cataract than my left eye. I had no problems with my right eye and could see better than I ever did. My left eye seemed to be giving me some trouble so I saw an ophthalmologist who set up surgery to remove the cataract. He planned to put in a toric lens during the surgery. I probably need to mention that I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and have had double vision for about ten years. When I got home from the surgery I was surprised that my vision wasn’t very clear and I felt pain. I also had more than 25 small floaters where there were none. I had a couple of them in my right eye but I got used to them. I went back to see the doctor a few days later. He did a bunch of tests and gave me new eye drops. One of the drops was a steroid that was stronger than the one I used before surgery. Well my surgery was 5 weeks ago and the pain is gone but I still don’t see very well. I see my doctor again next week. Unfortunately other than the pain going away, I can’t say my eye is much better. I’m just so worried that my vision won’t get any better. I don’t blame the doctor. He’s a really good doctor. If anything I blame my EDS. I’m just not wired like typical people. I still have hope that my vision will get better.

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