My recent sight-restoring surgery

by Louise Hill

I have had both right and left eye cataracts removed within the last few months. The surgery went well in both cases, the first one being done with a local anaesthetic and the second with anaesthetic drops when I was much more aware of the operation and I felt some discomfort during the procedure, but it was all over in about 20 minutes and my long distance sight has been greatly improved. However, since the operation on my right eye, I have been experiencing a few problems, such as the eye 'weeping' most of the time which is troublesome and at times feeling dry and 'scratchy' and despite using the drops which were given to me, the situation shows no improvement. I have now written to the opthalmologist at the hospital where my cataracts were removed and asked if he can see me as soon as possible to try to rectify the problem.

Louise Hill

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