My recent Pterygium surgery

by Sarah VanDyke
(Bloomington, MN USA)

I had pterygium surgery back around February 2020. I went to a very reputable Eye Institute, signed all the papers, had my daughter pray for me before going into surgery, etc.

Next day when bandage came off, I was totally cross eyed. The surgeon was astounded. My eye wouldn't move in any direction. She was quite taken back.

I was completely disabled for not being able to see to drive. She sent me to a doctor that takes care of that kind of problem to get his opinion.

The only thing they could come up with is that my surgeon damaged a nerve when giving me a shot in my eye during the surgery.

My eyesight is worse than before. I am not a suing kind of person, but I feel like there was a mistake made that has affected my well being.

The cross eyed problem has improved, but I usually just go around with one eye closed to keep from the constant strain of pulling my eyesight into one focus.

What do you think?

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