My recent cataract surgery

by Maria Concepcion
(Miami, FL USA)

I underwent cataract surgery two months ago. The surgery went well. The ophthalmologist used laser and implanted a Toric lens in my left eye. I went home and was able to continue with my life in almost a normal way.

It was amazing how clearly I was able to see. I could see everything in detail. I started driving the next day when I had to go visit the eye doctor for my first check-up. So far, so good.
For a while I only did day driving. I usually don't go out at night but then one night I did have to drive, and I was surprised to notice that when I looked at the traffic lights, I saw a ray of light across the traffic light. I got pretty upset about it and of course I mentioned it to my doctor during my next visit. He said it had to do with the vitreous humor and that he could fix it with laser.

Well, my condition has been getting worse. I see very well during the day. He told me I have 20/25 but at night the lights are driving crazy. I am afraid to get the laser and I don't know what to do.

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