My Recent Cataract Surgery

by Sally VanDyke
(Byars, OK )

I will try to be brief. The technician had trouble "measuring" my eye for the new lens. It was blamed on a pterygium. During the surgery I heard the doctor say that he was having trouble getting all of the old cataract out. Immediately after surgery I was in a lot of pain which was foreign to me because everyone that I knew who had had the surgery had no pain. I thought that maybe they put a lens in that was too big for my eye, but was told later that they are all the same size. Well why was I measured then?

When allowed to take off the protective eye cup, I could see a halo on one side and extreme glare. I made an appointment with the McGee Eye Institute in OK City for a second opinion and was treated as if I was some kind of complaining person for even suggesting that there was anything wrong. I left in tears thinking it was all in my head, that I had just not given it enough time. Later I proceeded through the post exam and got new glasses which have never been comfortable sight-wise because of this glare and a top to bottom dense area right in the middle of my sight. I seem to have a continual headache because of the constant glare.

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Nov 16, 2012
Followup of recent message that I left here
by: Sally VanDyke

I must update my cataract surgery experience since leaving a previous message. My complaint was the tremendous glare that I was experiencing. I finally went to another ophthalmologist for a second opinion. While there he encouraged me to have that eye lasered which I consented to. I didn't know what to expect, but I was putting my trust in the doctor. It felt like I was being shot with a pellet gun over and over again with the impact actually feeling like it was hitting the back of my head or deep in my brain with about 10-15 "shots".

I really do think that most of the glare is gone, although I also have to admit that the original surgery was in June and the glare had begun to diminish or I was just getting used to it.

Also, ironically, the doctor's technician seemed to think that if I had the other cataract removed, that it would "cure" the glare in the first eye. That didn't make any sense to me, but she was convinced and said she had seen it over and over again. I have consented to having surgery on the second eye that may include dealing with the pterygium, but I have quite a trepidation over it.

Thanks for letting us "sound off" on your web site.

Sally VanDyke, Byars, OK

Oct 01, 2012
Re: My recent cataract surgery
by: Brian Ang

Dear Sally,

I am sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced after cataract surgery and the way that you have been treated. Without access to the clinical notes, I can only make some general comments based on what you have said.

Before cataract surgery, it is important for the eyes to be measured so that we know what strength intraocular lens implant needs to be inserted into the eye. Note the difference between the strength and size of the lens implant. The lens implants are generally of similar sizes - it is just the strength that varies. So your problem is unlikely to be due to a lens implant that is too big. For more information about this, please visit:

Glare and haloes can occur after cataract surgery. Most of the time, the effects wear off or you get used to it. These symptoms also depend on the type of intraocular lens implant that you had during surgery. For more information about different intraocular lens implant types, please visit:

Good luck, and I hope everything settles well for you.

Kind regards,

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