My recent Cataract removal + Multi-focal lens implant surgery

(Montclair, NJ US)

On 6/27/22. I went through the surgery captioned as the title, believing and expecting that I don't need to wear any glasses and will see regardless of far or near.

I gave a question to the surgeon in northern NJ (who presented 20,000 successful surgeries in the past): Do I have any issues to avoid the surgery? I even quoted one of my family members' experiences: the surgeon refused to give my brother specific eye surgery due to the oversensitivity of his eye condition, etc.

My surgeon said very confidently, No PROBLEM. I NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Following the surgery, I obviously had unusual issues, which was shocking for me when I realized I got unusual symptoms afterward: multiple smudges on the left eye with more oversensitivity to any lighting, What the surgeon said was that I didn't take his instructions over daily eye drop applications. At the 1st follow-up (right after the surgery), he kept saying the surgery went very well. Obviously, the surgeon couldn't see what I see; the very abnormal stains (smudges) when I read print. This never happened in my life and was a huge shock to me. My eyes are my life since I do use my eyes for my job, hobbies, etc. Meanwhile, the surgeon was screaming at me to blame that I failed to take the eye drops as per his instructions. It's totally wrong accusation! After his own test, he found problems in my retina (swollen/fluid) and lowered his tone. Having taken stronger eye drops, the swelling calmed down but not the smudge condition. Another retina specialist confirmed the retina healed but the smudge cannot be cured and no more treatment for me. Looking for another ophthalmologist at this point!

Please advise me if any eye doctor can cure me.

One issue of my pre-conditions on the left eye was the blood clot history, which was found by a previous retina specialist and another eye doctor prior to the surgery, which my surgeon was aware of.

According to the retina specialist, he wouldn't recommend such a multi-focal implant, esp. when someone had such a pre-condition.

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