My First (Right) Eye

by Patricia
(Central Georgia USA)

I had cataract surgery on my right eye on August 30.... almost 4 weeks ago. This eye has a lot of astigmatism in it, but I opted for the regular lens, because of the cost of almost $2,000.00 for the toric lens which Medicare will not pay for!! Surgery went great!! No problems, but I have a GREAT doctor, too!! I am already noticing that I can now see to read on the computer monitor, with normal size text without my glasses, though just slightly blurred, but I could not do this before the surgery, so I am thrilled so far!!

I am having the surgery on my left eye on Thursday, September 20. I pray for good results with it, too. I really expected to have to have reading glasses after the surgeries, but now, I am not sure. If my left eye, which is my "good" eye does as good as my right (bad) eye has done, I think the possibility of not needing reading glasses, is pretty good. I am very happy with everything so far. Just for reference for people who might read this, I am a 72 year old female, who had 20/20 vision until about the age of 40, at which time I needed glasses that I wear all the time. I also wore contacts for a period before I retired, but the bother and cost of them once I was not working was not worth it, so I have just constantly worn my glasses (last thing off at night and first thing on in the morning), for about 7 years now.

If you are needing or considering cataract surgery, at this point, I would say "Go For It" is NOT a bad surgery and it seems that if all goes well with my right eye's next door neighbor, it will give me a lot more freedom from putting on makeup to driving and seeing better in general.

If I can find this site after my surgery in two days, ... maybe a little longer to get it posted... few days... I will let you know how it goes.

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Sep 18, 2018
Happy it went well
by: Anonymous

You were very lucky. I've had nothing but pain and misery since my surgery four years ago. I would not recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

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