Lens implants/cataract surgery and sticky eyes

by Dennis

I had lens implant surgery about 5 yrs ago. Almost the very next day I started experiencing, slight, sticky eyes. It's gotten worse.
I've tried many eye drops that don't help. I'm convinced something happened to the tear ducts during the implant. The ophthalmologist said it was allergies.

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Jan 14, 2021
Sticky Dry Eyes PVD HSV1 After Cataract Surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

At first I thought my cataract surgery went great. I previously had dry eyes but nothing to the extent like I have them now after surgery. I use Restatis in one eye plus 10-15 drops of Refresh. As a child I has HSV1 in my eye. I took Valtrex before and after the surgery and it reappeared. I have a deep corneal scar in my eye from the episode from 40 years ago. Next, I get a PVD. I often have foreign body syndrome in my eyes, now adding sticky eyes plus flashes of light.

Jan 08, 2018
Dry eyes and teas
by: Sandra

I had the same extremely dry eye problem but couldn’t believe that really was the cause of my excessive tearing and distress. Finally, after a little,surgery to tighten the bottom lids, which made no improvement whatsoever, I started,using restasis as directed. It is working!

Jan 08, 2018
Same with me
by: Anonymous

I wish I could be of help or give some encouragement, but I cannot. I had cataract surgery almost four years ago. I experienced excruciating pain about two months after surgery and went to the emergency room, where I was told I had severe dry eye and was put on some over-the-counter eye drops. Since then I have seen up to 15 different eye doctors with different specialties in order to find the cause.

After seeing one doctor, who I thought would really help because he tried so many different solutions, I was told that it must be allergies, something I've never had before. I've now been to a couple of dermatologists, as well as allergists, only to be told that there really is nothing wrong. I don't understand this, as I am in discomfort constantly. I don't think cataract surgery is fully understood even though it is performed so routinely. I caution everyone to really think it through before you agree to any surgery on your eyes.

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