Intermediate vision a problem after cataract surgery

(Neenah, Wisconsin)

I had cataract surgery in November on one eye and in Dececember I had the the other eye done. I thought things were going well and expected to see better after the new glass prescription was filled in early January. The doctor that did the procedure did the eye exam. I can see great far and I can read but my intermediate vision is blurry at about an arm and a half length away. It is hard to see at the grocery shop, looking at things on the shelf or standing in front of the mirror. I went back to have the doctor look at my eyes because of this but she said that I had to give up one thing to gain another. Meaning if I got better intermediate vision it would lack in one of the other. Either far or reading. Now I went back to the place where I always get my glasses done and they told me my vision is over 50% worse than 2009 in one of my eyes.... why would the doctor do that to me? I think they put in the wrong lens or something... How do I prove the doctor did wrong? Is there a way to fix my vision or am I stuck using 2 pairs of glasses the rest of my life? One for intermediate work and the other for far and reading. I am 63 years old and have glaucoma. The doctor that did the cataract surgery is a glaucoma specialist.

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Jun 08, 2021
Same here
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. The near visio got worse. Distance vision is fine but worst is the intermediate vision. I felt like Doctor cheated me by not informing how vision gets impacted.

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