Implants worsen Eyesight

by Mary
(Katy, Tx. USA)

Had implants Sep. 2013, I had perfect clear vision so I thought, short lived. Yes the check ups are always "Your eyes look perfect, you are doing real good." I was told to use Restasis for extreme dry eyes, so they say.

It's been 8 months now waiting for better vision only to have less vision now then before surgery. Have to wear sunglasses in my home, while shopping in the stores and of course outdoors, no matter if sunny or cloudy day.

I feel dizzy and can't focus clearly, makes driving difficult. Have floaters and very blurry eye sight. The worse part is the implants are permanent and still paying for the Lens. I hate trusting the surgeon, he said it only takes 10 Mins. I didn't know he meant to ruin my eye sight.

Has anyone got so depressed and committed suicide?
I don't know who to trust anymore nor have the money to fix my sight.

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Jun 25, 2021
Cataract surgery dry eye problems
by: Anonymous

Yes, like you three years later. Quality of life ruined by by implants. Go for glasses instead if at all possible or just the basic surgery, forget upgrades with laser which create dry eye hell. Blurry, floaters all the time. Blinking clears temporarily. Day driving difficulties, and visual acuity.

Nov 17, 2015
Cataract nightmare
by: Anonymous

I have suffered so much after cataract surgery. My advise dont do it. I now have 4 to 5 different prescription lenses because I see diffierent close then at 1 metre 4 metres and off in distant. I got edema in one eye and went blind in that eye one morning. I also have to wear sunglasses in the house. My once beautiful eyes now look old and tired with bags under my eyes that were never there before.
I never had depresssion in my life but now I do. I cant see very well at all. I don't know why they're are allowed to continue to do this to people .

Jun 02, 2014
I understand
by: Sally

With just one day of disappointment after my cataract surgery, I went for a second opinion to the teaching institute, Dean McGee in Oklahoma City. After the initial examination, the girl rudely said, "Well you can see, can't you?"

It took me aback so shockingly that I had to re-evaluate my condition and realized that they see a lot of patients that can't see at all. That was the turning point for me to live with what I had left and thank God for it. Hope this helps.

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