Hypotony after glaucoma operation

by Missy

I had eye operation for glaucoma 3 weeks ago, after a few days my eye was very blurred so I went to the hospital to have it checked. At primary care, the lady doctor was not very nice I was told that I had bleeding and was sent home and that I was seeing my surgeon on the Friday. She never noticed that my stitches where leaking. I had my appointment with my surgeon a few days later and he said that I had a leak from the stitches and that the pressure was too low. He put a large contact lens in my eye (called a bandage). The blurriness is not to bad now after a week, but i still cant see much. I was told I might need to have the operation reversed. I believe this hypotony is rare after eye surgery. But I'm not sure if it has caused my sight loss to be permanent. I'm so afraid as I feel so vulnerable going out. God, I hate to be like this forever, I have had glaucoma since I was 39 and had my right eye done 10 years ago and it was succsesful but still can't see without glasses. But now my left eye is so blurred I can't do anything. It's so frustrating having to rely on people to help out. I have read up on it and in some case it can be fixed but not all.

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Dec 03, 2015
Leaking trab

I am sorry to hear about your leaking trab. Unfortunately, this is a recognized complication of glaucoma surgery and as hard as we try, sometimes it happens and we don't understand why.

The only way to fix the leak that has still not settled after 1 month is to revise the trabeculectomy procedure and put in extra stitches to make sure everything is watertight.

The vision is blurred because the eye pressure is low. Once the eye pressure increases, then your vision will gradually improve too.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

Dec 03, 2015
Leaking after surgery
by: Anonymous

I had a Trab 3 months ago, at first it was fine. I went on holiday to the UK and had a few problems resulting in a visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital. Apparently my pressure was too low due to a leak. As I was returning to Australia the following week the Specialist advised me to see my Surgeon asap who would put a couple of stitches in my eye. The day after I returned I had an appointment and a decision was made to monitor it. After a month no improvement and I ended up having the stitches put in to stop the leak. This also had not worked and I may have to go in to have another operation. I am seeing another Specialist prior to agreeing to this op for a second opinion. Very frustrating and the vision in my eye is not good.

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