High post-op eye pressure

by S. Richardson
(Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Had my cataract surgery 18 days ago. Since I have a strong family history of glaucoma and mildly elevated pressure (16 with drops), my doctor also implanted an iStent which was supposed to reduce my IOP. On my day 1 post op visit, my pressure was down to 13, so my doc said I didn't need to come back for 1 month. Three days later I started having weird symptoms; I became worried and made an appt. My pressure had spiked to 40! I resumed taking my pressure reducing drops (Zioptan) and went back for another pressure check in 5 days. My pressure is now at 25, still way too high, but my doc recommended we wait for the eye to heal and see if it comes down. I' m feeling very nervous about this and am uncertain about what to do. Think I will go in next week and have it checked again and ask to be put on additional meds. I' m worried about my optic nerve being damaged which is irreversible.

I also have a twitching issue on the left hand side of my eye- a throbbing off and on which I have been told will go away.

This "piece of cake surgery" sucks!!

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Jun 05, 2013
Corneal graft surgery
by: Brian Ang

In your mum's case, I think it is wise to wait a bit more for the eye to settle first and make sure the eye pressure has come down.

There is no need to rush to have corneal graft surgery. Especially since corneal graft surgery is also associated with its own risks, including graft failure.

Good luck!

Kind regards,
Brian Ang

Jun 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

My mom had cataract surgery April 2013, she also has been having high pressure of the eye. She has had some of her vision restored. She has been referred to a corneal transplant doctor and is having her surgery on monday. We have had 2 people advise us that they went thru same problem and did not require transplant. It took months before eye sight was restored but it did on its own. The transplant also has its risks, rejection amongst other thing. I am just afraid that mom has some vision compared to none at the begining, we have made 20 steps of progress then to fall back!! Please if someone has any input or advice, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Mar 02, 2013
Been 4 months
by: Anonymous

I know the feeling - it's been 4 months and my eye waters - I put the antibiotic drops in and it helps. I'm not having the other eye done. One is enough - it's all about the money for these eye doctors.

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