Help - regaining optic nerve back

by Vineeta

Last year in September, my daughter, (7 years old now) suffered from meningitis and the doctors gave her ATT treatment. Unfortunately her optic nerve got damaged. Since then, her ATT medication is ongoing (RIFAMPCIN syrup daily morning 5ml ).

Her vision is stable at this time, and is not getting worse. She is able to locate things, and can read/write only if written big and bold.

I read about stem cell regeneration, so can this help our daughter to be a normal child who can play and go to school like she was earlier?

Other medicines she is taking:
1. Citicoline (strocit 500mg) daily 1 tablet
2. Complamina retard daily 1 tablet
3. Benadon 1 tablet twice in a day
4. Neurobiam 1 tablet daily afternoon

I read about the research going on for optic nerve regeneration. Request you to consider my daughter's case also and help us. Is this treatment possible for her or is there any treatment which may help her to lead a normal life? I'm hoping that at least she can read/write with the help of glasses etc.

Please help if anyone has ever recovered from this.

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Sep 23, 2015
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Dec 02, 2012
Re: regaining optic nerve
by: Brian Ang

Dear Vineeta

I am sorry to hear about what had happened to your daughter. Unfortunately at present, research on stem cell regeneration is still at a very early stage and there is nothing available that is able to 'regenerate' the optic nerve.

The important thing now is to try to preserve the remaining optic nerve function and reduce the risk of further deterioration. With time, rehabilitation, as well as lots of love and support, I am sure that she will be able to play and go to school the way she did previously.

I am sorry that I am not really able to offer any other help or support. If anyone has any suggestions or information that may be useful, please do share with all of us.

Kind regards,
Brian Ang

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