Had surgery for narrow angle glucoma and having major issues

by Dawn
(Piscataway nj 08854 middles USA )

As I started to explain both sides of grandparents have glaucoma and cataracts and grandpa had vision loss. I also need a cornea transplant because I have keratitis in my left eye. I used an open eye pencil I bought open and got the infection doctor thought it was pink eye and put steroids and made it grow . Now a few years later I am having major issues with my vision. My ophthalmologist asked me why I was there. Who should I see?

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Jul 07, 2015
Additional info
by: Dawn

First time on this site, so I forgot some pertinent info. I don't know if people know what keratitis is. It is herpes infection in the eye. You can also get it by touching your lip with an open sore and rub your eye. Come to think of it I am not sure if it is that or the scar tissue in my eye that is changing ing my vision. All I know is that when I read for about 15 minutes (something I am interested in reading) I fall asleep - even if I am well rested. My peripheral vision is messed up - example when it snowed out and snow was on the left and right side of road because of snowplows. I started to see the snow blocking the road right in front of me. Also at the neuro ophthalmologist I saw two light switches on the wall. He put some kind of prism sticker in my glasses but still did not help.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, thanks for any help.

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