Glaucoma and cataract surgery

by Ginny

I've been treated for glaucoma for several years, taking 3 eye drops 2x daily. I had a cataract but it wasn't bad, then the Dr. said it could be removed. I got quite excited as they told me the lenses (my insurance didn't pay for) would help me see better than I had in years with my glasses and contacts. So, Nov. 2016 I had my left eye done and one week later my right eye was done. Well.... I can see. but reading is difficult, it's like I have dyslexia or something and blurry vision, I can't read street signs when I drive, and the computer is so glaring it hurts my eyes - which are red, burning, watery and generally annoying and not good for my work situation.

My doctor has said first that I was allergic to my glaucoma drops - so she put me on preservative free drops that cost a small fortune... no change. Then she said I have dry eye syndrome and she wants to put plugs in my tear ducts. I'm really hesitant to do this and am trying to get a referral to another doctor for another opinion but my insurance is dragging the feet... so frustrating.

I've wondered if I'm allergic to the material the lens are made of and if anyone else has had this problem...

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