Feels like baby oil in my eye after Cataract Surgery and feels strained or weak.

by Debrina
(South Florida)

I had Cataract Surgery on 11/6/17. I have been back to the Cataract Specialist numerous times. I was hoping my case would be one of those stories you hear about people able to see great the next day and are so happy to get to the next eye. But that is not my case. My eye filled up with blood at the end of surgery, because I got poked accidentally by the Doctor and he said he was a little to aggressive and that my eyeball was soft. I had to use 4 different drops 4 times per day wear cover over my eye day and night for 2 weeks. I can see (equivalent to how I was able to see with contacts or glasses before the surgery), However, my whole purpose was to finally be able to see at night. I haven't been able to since about 8 plus years ago. It's been a huge handicap having to be home before the sun goes down. Like a grown up on serious restriction that only gets worse with age. So unfair. Before surgery I was seeing glares and long streaks around lights at night. After surgery I am seeing big round halo's and a few starbursts coming out from the halo's. I will admit the halo's have decreased in size over the past 2 weeks. But my left eye is so weak feeling, and feels like it is straining so hard to stay open. I had mono vision contacts before and they worked well. Once in a whole my left eye would feel this way and I would just take my contact out and put in some Systane tears and my eyes would feel way better. Now, I can't take my contact out because it is implanted in my eyeball. So I just close it after putting drops in. I hate this. I can see fairly well. Not 20/20, but good without glasses up close. I was suppose to have the right eye done in 2 weeks. But I have decided to wait and see if my left eye problems goes away. The simple things in life you take for granted when its all working fine and then when it's not, it's so much hell. It's depressing and Doctor doesn't see anything, he said it went beautifully every thing is clear and does not know why my vision is this way and why I can't see at night. For now, I'm holding off on the opposite eye to see far away. Anyway, if anyone else is having these issues will you please let me know. Hope everyone's eyes gets better.

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Nov 22, 2017
Surgery gone wrong
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about your difficulties. I had cataract surgery over three years ago and still have terrible pain in my eye. I have gone to more than a dozen different doctors over the past three years to find something to ease the pain. No one helps.

The latest diagnosis I got was that there must have been nerve damage when I was given the numbing shot. I guess it's too bad I wasn't given a local anesthetic, but I didn't know there were choices. Things might have turned out differently. Now I suppose I'm doomed to this pain forever. There are days when I can hardly stand it.

Good luck to everyone who has had any bad reaction to cataract surgery and to everyone else, be careful before you make your decision. It doesn't matter how many of these surgeries your doctor has performed in his/her career. You could be the one with the bad result.

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