Eyesight Gone Wrong

by Linda Aldridge
(Punta Gorda,Fl USA)

Had cataract surgery and was told I was the perfect candidate because I was already in mono vision contacts.

Had never had an astigmatic correction in all the years I had worn glasses and contacts. My eye doctor told me I needed astigmatic lenses and they cost me $1000.00 per eye plus whatever insurance and Medicare paid. I could see better before I had surgery and it has been a year and a half and they are still trying with contacts to find something that works to be able to read. I am using reading glasses on top of glasses to be able to read. I have had 4 corrections of different ranges and nothing seems to work. The one thing that did go right is that everything is brighter. I have haloes, glare off car lights, and feel if something goes wrong with the left eye that is okay I will be blind because all the corrections have everything so close that everything 6 ft away is a blur. When I lay down at night I get rings that go small to large and just keep repeating over and over. I am to the point of wishing I had not had it done or at least not done here in Florida.

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Mar 23, 2014
Go to another state - I don't trust Florida
by: Anonymous

I feel for you - I had one eye done and that is enough - please try some specialists in another state - maybe they can help you - that is just terrible - I had my eye done in Michigan and seems to be a success. The other eye needs it but I don't notice it being blurred that much - so I'm just going to leave it alone - I am happy with just one eye - good luck I will say some prayers for you.

Mar 22, 2014
Same type of issues post surgery
by: Anonymous

Ah yes, things are brighter....so bright that 3 to 4 months after surgery I cannot look directly at lights, even ceiling lights or lamps during the day....And sunlight causes so much pain I have to close my eyes. Night vision is so bad I can no longer drive due to the glare and distortions. I have pain in my eyes that requires regular intake of ibuprofen or tylenol. If I don't take them I get a severe headache. I see my specialist next week. Going to demand answers as the corrective surgery made my eyesight worse, rather than better. Next step will likely be Cleveland eye clinic as I am afraid to let my doctor do any more damage than he has already done.

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