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by Anonymous
(Birmingham UK)

I had cataract surgery done privately on March 17th by somebody who calls himself a specialist in Sjogrens syndrome, AMD, Vitreous detachment and Retinal detachment. I have the first three conditions in addition to cataract. First ten days were OK. I took meticulous care about sterilizing everything, (like the shields, wipes to clean,surfaces and trays with medicines, not to let any water to get into the eye during shower etc).

Now coming to the problems - by the end of two weeks (first and supposed to be the last check up) had watering and discomfort. He ignored that and discharged me. Advised to use a plane lens for the next 4 weeks until the final check by the optician, which costed money and made my life a misery. Had double vision, could not see the steps properly needed to hold on to somebody if I need to walk. A few days later started to have shooting pain in both eye balls and vision was going down in the operated one. Had minor degree of facial palsy. No way of contacting the surgeon and had to attend the emergency unit. Found out I had Uveitis but no infection and posterior lens capsule opacification. Advised to increase the steroids and antibiotics and continue for twelve weeks. The message went to the surgeon finally and was seen by him and concurred there is uveitis and continue the treatment as advised. Ended up in the emergency one more time for vision going down and pain in the eye. Final check 3 months later by the surgeon - didn't admit anything is wrong although my eye was still watering, few missing spots in the field of vision, pain in the eye persisted. Lower eyelid feels pulled up. Ptosis,occasional feeling of sand or an eyelash in the eye and pain persisting. My vision is less than what it was before cataract surgery.
Recently I have seen another eye surgeon about my Sjogrens syndrome who replaced the punctal plugs and advised a night time ointment, and different drops in addition to viscotears which I was using before. Have to wait and see.
Didn't want to go for the second cataract until I know what is the outcome during the next few months and certainly not by the same surgeon even if I did go.

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