Could see better before cataract surgery

by Mia Deschank

I was having trouble with bright lights when driving at night and was diagnosed with cataracts. I had cataract surgery on both eyes and was told by the surgeon that I also had astigmatism and he wanted me to pay and have it corrected at the same time. I asked him if I chose not to correct the astigmatism if I would still have the same vision as I had at the time, but minus the cataracts. He told me yes that I would. I could see far away but only had to wear reading glasses for up close. So I just had the cataracts removed, and now, I cant see far away or up close. Also, I see streaks at night from car and street lights in one eye, and am seeing double in the other. He told me that it was my eyes, not anything he did. Now I have to either have Lasik surgery to try to correct the astigmatism, or wear glasses all the time for the rest of my life. He said it is like this because of my astigmatism. Well, I had astigmatism before the surgery and could see better and was looking through two cataracts to boot. I am wondering if he didn't put the wrong lens in or the lens he put in isn't placed right. I have been miserable, can't enjoy anything like I did before, and when I am in a room with others, I cant even make out faces. I go to the eye doctor tomorrow to be examined for glasses. I hope they correct the problems I am having!!

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Apr 09, 2021
Wish I had my vision back
by: Anonymous

I could see better before the cataract surgery , right eye I could read next to the last line on the eye chart, left eye I could read the last line. 8 months after surgery out of both eyes I now can only see the second line down. After I had my left eye done after 2 weeks I had an eye stroke , I lost half my vision , will be this way for the rest of my life, and yes I did follow all drs orders, had brain tests done and everything else , they said all tests came back normal. Now I see black dots in my eye left eye, so think twice before you get surgery done, if I would have known this all would of happen , I would not have had it done, Nothing but a money Pit now which I can not afford, really pissed off.

Oct 27, 2018
by: Anonymous

I know where you are at! Thought I was the only one who saw better before surgery and have to wear glasses now too. Really upset because I hate wearing glasses.Thought I'd see better. Went to second specialist and they couldn't see anything wrong and I should get glasses!!!

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